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New rules in the Netherlands

Mar 24, 2020


The Dutch cabinet introduced three new regulations to fight the spread of coronavirus in the country, after a sunny weekend brought thousands of people to popular outdoor areas, defying the ban on groups of people gathered in one place and the advice that people keep at least a 1.5-meter distance from each other.

The new rules include fines when members of the public disregard the regulations, and an order that no more than two people stand together within their 150-centimeter personal space.
Grapperhaus said the fines could equal 400 euros per person, and for businesses that violate the ban the penalty could equal four thousand euros and possible closure. Mayors in the Netherlands will also get more power to enforce the new rules, and police could be used to enforce the law at the discretion of the authorities involved.

"This is not a total lockdown,"  People need to remain in their homes as much as possible,.
 "Stay at home, but if you want to get some fresh air or go to the supermarket, go alone."


"However, people who are sick must stay home, as well as those in their household. 

The existing ban on gatherings, meetings, and events of a hundred people or more will remain in place until June

The  first COVID19 diagnosis n the Netherlands was made on February 27th. From there the virus spread rapidly, first topping 1 thousand cases on Sunday March 15, and thenquadrupling to 4204  by Sunday March 22. 

On Monday that tally stood at 4,749, of which 213 people have died.

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Lessons Learned from the Plague